About Us

Welcome to bristle. 

bristle. was founded in 2021. 

Studying from a holistic background of herbs and essential oils; I discovered how many natural, homeopathic remedies could support oral health. I’ve always loved healing and helping people to find their path to internal health. The oral cavity is the entry way for healing.

The common approach is to organically remove all "bad" bacteria from a tool we all utilize daily;

“the toothbrush”.

Having a toothbrush cleanser to use after brushing everyday will eliminate several types of bacteria from spreading.  Protecting your oral health will also protect your gut health. 

The goal is to prevent bacteria such as; the common cold, flu, strep throat and many others from developing. 

Starting with your oral hygiene your health and wellness path begins!!


bristle. is blended with non-gmo organic essential oils. A proprietary blend of peppermint oil & oil of oregano pressed to support oral health.

bristle. organic essential oils are of higher quality than non-organic oils. These oils are produced using high-quality, organic plant material and processed using natural, non-toxic ingredients. The results produce more potent, effective, and beneficial range of oral health concerns.

Oral Health & Wellness

At bristle; we have created a natural quality toothbrush spray that will cleanse the bristles of any toothbrush and protect your oral health from bacterial infections. This organic toothbrush cleanser has been made with love to protect your oral health. It’s important to know that unhealthy oral health can lead to internal diseases. 

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Extra Benefits

Here are some additional benefits of using bristle. 

•aids an infected tooth by spraying/brushing directly onto the tooth. (always rinse after)

•heals tongue thrust; cleansing your tongue scraper twice daily.

•cleanses mouth guards, retainers and dentures.

Trust the organic process!

Directions: Peppermint Oil & Oil of Oregano are powerful herbs that are beneficial for oral health care; along with several others.

•spray bristle. before/after each brush. 2-3 sprays is recommended. 

Keep Smiling

I've created bristle. with love!

fresh bristles, fresh breath; an all new fresh EXCLUSIVE" natural experience.